Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Block play builds life skills

At You're Invited we have a whole room dedicated to honoring the importance of block play. These are some pictures of our friends exercising a variety of skills through their construction process, without even knowing it. The "dinosaur town" was built by two brothers and their process lasted about 2 hours.

One of our wonderful teachers saw the beauty in their process and left it standing during lunch and naptime so the boys could continue when they woke up, and they did!

After naptime the boys constructed bridges!

Block play provides children with opportunities to exercise a variety of skills that will help them as the grow and develop. It may look like they are just building but so much more is going on!

Block play encourages social and emotional skills when they work together in their construction. It is amazing to see the team work, compromising and respect children exhibit when they are working on a common goal.

Block play encourages cognitive skills. Children do lots of problem solving in block play. They also experience concepts of physics like gravity, weight, balance and stability.

Block play offers children opportunities to develop math skills such as spatial awareness, shapes, sizes, area length, and patterns.

Physical growth is developed when children are lifting and moving blocks (and rocks) of all sizes.

Creative thinking is also encouraged because of the planning that is involved in block play.

Block play is easy to offer to children without spending lots of money! I purchased most of the equipment in our "construction room" through yard sales and ebay. Our rocks are a wonderful mothers day gift that my daughter collected from the beaches of Santa Barbara.

Block play is important play for "building" healthy children!

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