Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teddy Bear Picnic!!

Teddy Bear Picnic!!!

We've been talking about bears a lot at You're Invited so we thought having a Teddy Bear Picnic would be a great way to make a great book come alive!!
We spent the day doing some of these fun and developmental activites-

We made the cutest little pillows. It was such a pleasure to see all the children work hard to sew their own pillows I cut several peices of 8" x 8" fabric and batting, used large plastic sewing needles (Discount School Supply) and yarn, the children did all the rest. Even the two year olds worked their small motor skills as they maneuvered the needle through the holes I had prepunched (with a simple hole punch!) around the fabric. As children finished their pillow the took them as they moved on to other activities. I found two of them being used later in the morning as pillow for the stuffed animals they children brought for our teddy bear picnic!

A creative activity for children! We put Ivory Snow flakes in the white paint to give our teddy bears some texture (and the smell was great!).

When doing art or creative activities I think we must always provide the children with lots of textures (minimum of 2 different textures) and when possible add scent! The strongest connection to children's memory is their smell.

Our Teddy Bear Picnic!

What a great finish to the day, this four year old friend napping with her teddy bear that she had brought from home for our teddy bear picnic, notice her teddy bear napping on the pillow she made!!!

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  1. I love what you are sharing here on you blog. Thanks for visiting me at teach preschool. I look forward to reading more including your post on play dough:) I have a really cute teddy bear song but it isn't ready yet:( It would go great with your teddy bear activities. Keep up the good work.