Saturday, January 16, 2010

Never too Young to Show Compassion!

We sure did miss Miss Courtney our first week back after winter break. Our wonderful infant/toddler teacher left us before winter break. The bright side for me is that I get to be with the most amazing little ones every afternoon. It was a blessing last night as I watched this friend display kindness and empathy with one of her friends.
This adorable 2o month old LOVES her babies! Sammy truly is a little mommy as she cares for her babies all day, every day. One baby doll in particular has captured her heart. I wondered what her response was going to be as I watched another little friend pick this baby up to play with. She walked over saying "my baby, my baby" with her hands out. Her friend immediately complied and handed over the baby. Once Sammy had her baby back, she took it over, placed it in the baby stroller then something beautiful happened. Without prodding or direction, Sammy walked over to the basket, picked up another baby and took it to her friend. So thoughtful! And the look on her friends face when Sammy handed her the baby was precious. What an amazing display of kindness and empathy.
The unprompted desire to meet the needs of a friend. It reminds me of what happens when we live in community (You're Invited is definitely a community), we instinctively gain the ability to meet the needs of those around us and find our needs being met too.

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  1. What a beautiful story! It illustrates so well that children are born with the capacity for empathy. We just need to give them opportunities to express it. Just perfect.