Friday, March 5, 2010

Learning with a Pendulum!!

Gathering blocks for pendulum play!!

Measuring for success Ready, Set, Swing!

Pendulum Play!!!
I am so blessed to have a dad that is kind and gifted enough to make almost anything I need him to. His wood talents have not only saved me money in the last 5 1/2 years but has provided hours and hours of learning opportunities for our friends. My dad's latest addition to our preschool is this great Bev Bos design made with a few items he already had and few items I purchased at Kmart.
Providing lots of learning and fun!


  1. Oh this is magnificent! I really want one. I might have everything I need in my garage right now . . . I wonder how my wife will feel about me building one of these instead of doing the household chores I promised to get done today! =)

  2. H, I was wondering if you have the measurements for the wood pieces. I too have a father who has agreed to 'help me make' one of these. But he likes measurements for things. He is not a 'just wing it' type of guy. If you could email me them if you have them I would love it.

  3. Could you post the measurements here? I would like to get one made too.