Friday, June 25, 2010


Our little friends worked hard on this activity for the longest time (some stayed at this table for over an hour!)
Punch a hole in the top side of the cup to fit the "bendy" straw in, stretch cheesecloth over a plastic cup filled with Dawn (its the best soap to use) dish soap and water) then wrap a rubber band around it! Let the friends know not to suck in (although some will at first but it doesnt hurt them and they learn quick)! We talked about the size, texture, what happens if we blow softly, hard, slowly, quickly, we even tried to cover the whole tray, then the whole table!

I love how this friend is moving her body so the bubbles dont go in her face, thats problem solving!! This is also great for teachers because our floor and table get super clean :)

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  1. Oh this looks fun! I do a similar project where we add liquid watercolor to the bubbles, then make prints, but really like this straight forward bubble blowing technique a lot.