Friday, August 27, 2010

Squeeze bottles and Wood for All Ages!!

Great three dimensional activity for all ages!!

The set up for this activity (and all activties we do) is super important. We use trays to help the friends know their boundaries and the table is inviting with baskets to keep the loose parts accessible and neat. Throughout the morning theteachers are constantly straightening, cleaning and refilling the baskets, facilitating the activity to be "inviting" when a child comes upon the table so then he or she will decide they want to engage in this activity. We have 2 year olds, three year olds and four year olds doing this activity, working hard, engaged in their creative process.

This friend tells me while he is working hard: "I made a bridge!" I asked him, "Whats the bridge for?" He says "For the people to walk across the lake and not fall in the water"

"Look, its a slide, for the bridge, WAIT I need green"
So much concentration and intentionality with squeeze bottles filled with white paint, a little glue and some water color.


  1. I have been meaning to try some squeeze bottle painting! Thanks for the reminder:)

  2. Me too! We have been using lots of wood offcuts on our collage table lately, but I never thought of adding squeeze bottles - thanks for sharing :)