Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Orange!!!!!

Although we dont celebrate holidays at You're Invited Children's Center we do use the colors and some symbols of the seasons to create learn by play activities. These are some of the Orange/Pumpkin activities we did this week! Counting and sorting with candy pumpkins. We used pumpkin scoops for fine motor development.

Pumpkin cookie cutters with orange paint mixed with glue and orange colored salt in shakers.
Outside we painted on small, medium & big
pumpkins with water color tablets.

Salt colored with orange water color in cookie sheet with sticks and other tools!
Potato Head peices with real oranges
All orange collage

Outside we did pumpkin sponge painting w/ green paint and yard for making a pumpkin patch Juicing oranges with hand juicers. This was great for large muscles and the juice was super yummy!

Another outdoor activity - Pounding golf tees into pumpkins with small mallots

Easel painting - red & yellow make orange :)

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